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Do you want to impress your family by making these cool and delicious Rice Krispies Cakes? Well, here is a post about how to make them in an easy way. The video is made by Rossana Pansio.

Are you preparing for a Minecraft Birthday party but can’t find a good Minecraft cake? Well, why not make a Minecraft melon cake? Today, in this post I will explain how to make your own Minecraft melon cake. The video is made by ihasCupquake.

Want to make a cool Minecraft glowstone block? Why not make a fully working one? In this post, I will explain how to make an awesome Minecraft glowstone block that actually works! The video is made by Mitty.

Want to make Minecraft themed cookies for a party? Why not make Minecraft Cookie sugar cookies! Here is a video explanation of how to make Minecraft cookies. The video and recipe are made by iHasCupquake.

Are you reading a book but you have no bookmark or just that you need Minecraft bookmarks for a party goodie bag? Well, here in this post I am going to explain to you how to make your own Minecraft character bookmarks. The template is made by GrungeZombie and the link to the bookmarks download […]

Would like to make a delicious pizza for your kids or just for a party? Well, here is a post about how to make a Minecraft Creeper pepperoni pizza. The idea and post are made by CatchMyParty and the original post to the pizza is here.

Want a fun Minecraft game for a party that is easy to use and make? Here in this post, I am going to show you how to create your own Minecraft Bingo game! The design is made by LifeWithSqueaker and the original post is here.

Want to make a cool sword for your kids but you want it to be safe for playing? Well, here is a video about how to make a realistic Minecraft foam sword. The video and design are made by epicfantasy.

Want to make a Minecraft Valentine’s Day card but you haven’t got enough time left? Here is a video about how to make a lovely and simple pop up heart Minecraft card by Solopress.

Want to do the cutest card you could think of for someone special? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make an easy and cute Minecraft Valentine’s Day card. The template and idea are made by Glittermint and the original post here.

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