Minecraft Spawn Eggs

Would like to decorate your house this Easter with Minecraft spawn eggs? Here is a video about how to make Minecraft spawn eggs to decorate your home. The video is ma122de by SamariumLynx.

Minecraft Pancake Art Pig

Imagine a Sunday morning breakfast sharing a delicious Minecraft pancake with your family. Here is a recipe to make Minecraft pig pancakes,  the idea and video come from SweetMama.

Minecraft Candy Pops

Do you fancy some candy pops?

Minecraft Pig Bookmark

Hello, today I have this awesome video by RedTedArt and it explains how to make pig bookmark. This other bookmark is more different than what you would think it is!

Minecraft Pencil Pots

This project is about how to make Minecraft recycled pencil pots. The video and the cool idea is by Red Ted Art.

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