Minecraft Creeper Cake

Is your child’s birthday soon and you have to prepare a Minecraft party? Or you want to surprise your kids with an amazing Minecraft cake? In this post, I will be explaining how to make a Minecraft Creeper cake! The video is made by Cartooning 4 Kids.

Minecraft Creeper Pudding

Do you need to make a dessert for a Minecraft seemed party and can’t find any cool ones? Well, this post is perfect for you! In this post, I will be telling you about how to make cool Minecraft creeper puddings. The video is made by iHasCupquake.

Minecraft Easter Chicken

Hello, if you are planning an Easter party for your children why not make some cute Minecraft chicken to decorate the party? In this post, I will show you how to make a cute Minecraft chicken from just felt and yarn. The video is made by Kaleidow and remembers that you can make it as big […]

Minecraft Spawn Eggs

Would like to decorate your house this Easter with Minecraft spawn eggs? Here is a video about how to make Minecraft spawn eggs to decorate your home. The video is ma122de by SamariumLynx.

Minecraft Easter Box

Planning your kids Easter and you want it to be Minecraft related? Or just like the idea of a Minecraft themed box? Well, here in this post I will explain how to make these cool Easter rabbit and chicken boxes! The video is made by ZaiLetsPlay.

Minecraft Rice Krispies Creeper

Do you want to impress your family by making these cool and delicious Rice Krispies Cakes? Well, here is a post about how to make them in an easy way. The video is made by Rossana Pansio.

Minecraft Melon Cake

Are you preparing for a Minecraft Birthday party but can’t find a good Minecraft cake? Well, why not make a Minecraft melon cake? Today, in this post I will explain how to make your own Minecraft melon cake. The video is made by ihasCupquake.

Minecraft Cookie

Want to make Minecraft themed cookies for a party? Why not make Minecraft Cookie sugar cookies! Here is a video explanation of how to make Minecraft cookies. The video and recipe are made by iHasCupquake.

Minecraft Creeper Pizza

Would like to make a delicious pizza for your kids or just for a party? Well, here is a post about how to make a Minecraft Creeper pepperoni pizza. The idea and post are made by CatchMyParty and the original post to the pizza is here.

Minecraft Bingo

Want a fun Minecraft game for a party that is easy to use and make? Here in this post, I am going to show you how to create your own Minecraft Bingo game! The design is made by LifeWithSqueaker and the original post is here.

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