Minecraft Wither Boss

Happy Christmas, today I have this cool way of transforming two soda cans into a Minecraft wither boss, the video is made by MyToyVillage.

Minecraft Snow Globe

Hello and happy holidays, today I have his cute Minecraft snow glove for this Christmas, and the video is made by stacyplays.

Minecraft DIY Slime

Hello! Today I found this cool video by Tomohawk, it shows how to do awesome real Minecraft slime.

Minecraft Halloween Lamps

Hello, today I have an awesome Minecraft Halloween jack o lantern made by Fingur. Happy Halloween!

Minecraft Potion Vials

Today I found this awesome and easy video about how to make Minecraft Potion Vials from iHasCupquake. It was originally designed by LDShadowLady.

Minecraft Cake Earrings

Today I found this amazing video of how to make an adorable cake earrings. It is designed and made by iHasCupquake.

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