Minecraft Chest

Need a place to store your Minecraft goodies? But want it to aswell be Minecraft themed? Well in this post I will explain how to make your own Minecraft chest from just core foam board. The video is made by TheCraftMaiden.

Minecraft Bingo

Want a fun Minecraft game for a party that is easy to use and make? Here in this post, I am going to show you how to create your own Minecraft Bingo game! The design is made by LifeWithSqueaker and the original post is here.

Minecraft Realistic Foam Sword

Want to make a cool sword for your kids but you want it to be safe for playing? Well, here is a video about how to make a realistic Minecraft foam sword. The video and design are made by epicfantasy.

Minecraft Diamond Mouse Pad

Hello, Today I found this video by Mitty and it shows how to make an amazing Minecraft diamond mouse pad.

Minecraft Torch

Today I found this super cool Minecraft torch by ZaiLetsPlay. Here is a link to the template of the torch by FPSXGames.

Minecraft Flower Pot

Today I have an amazing video that shows how to make Minecraft a flower pot with a Minecraft flower. The video is created by ZaiLetsPlay.

Minecraft Halloween Cake

Today I have another Halloween Special But this time it is going to be about cooking.The amazing video is from iHasCupquake. Happy Halloween!

Minecraft Halloween Lamps

Hello, today I have an awesome Minecraft Halloween jack o lantern made by Fingur. Happy Halloween!

Minecraft Small Chest

Today I have to you a video about how to make a super cool small chest by the iHasCupquake channel.

Minecraft Diamond Wooden Sword

Today I found this amazing video of how to make a cool wooden diamond sword. This video is made by iHasCupquake.

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