Minecraft Christmas Ornaments

Hello! Today I have this awesome video by iHasCupquake and it shows how to make cute Minecraft Christmas ornaments.

Minecraft Snow Golem Cookies

Hello, today I have this amazing video about how to make Minecraft melted snow golems and not melted. The video is made by iHasCupquake.

Minecraft Candy Pops

Do you fancy some candy pops?

Minecraft Rice Krispies Cakes

Hello, today I found this awesome video about how to make delicious Minecraft Rice Krispies cake and grass block cakes. The video is made by Rosanna Pansino.

Minecraft Cake

Today I have an amazing video by Feast Of Fiction and it is about how to make a replica of a Minecraft cake.

Minecraft Halloween Cake

Today I have another Halloween Special But this time it is going to be about cooking.The amazing video is from iHasCupquake. Happy Halloween!

Minecraft Halloween Lamps

Hello, today I have an awesome Minecraft Halloween jack o lantern made by Fingur. Happy Halloween!

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