Minecraft Pop Up Heart Card

Want to make a Minecraft Valentine’s Day card but you haven’t got enough time left? Here is a video about how to make a lovely and simple pop up heart Minecraft card by Solopress.

Minecraft Valentine’s Day Card

Want to do the cutest card you could think of for someone special? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make an easy and cute Minecraft Valentine’s Day card. The template and idea are made by Glittermint and the original post here.

Minecraft TNT Cake

Would you like to blow a birthday party up with an amazing cake? Well, here is a recipe about how to make a Minecraft TNT cake by Cakes StepByStep.

8-Bit Heart Cookies Bouquet

So Valentine’s day is coming in about two weeks and I was searching for a good video and found this amazing video by iHasCupquake about how to make this cool 8-Bit heart cookies bouquet.

Minecraft Gift Card Holder

If you have a gift card for someone, why not make a card with a pocket to place the gift card in? Here is a video by AboveRubiesStudio explaining how to make a creeper gift card holder.

Minecraft Snow Globe

Hello and happy holidays, today I have his cute Minecraft snow glove for this Christmas, and the video is made by stacyplays.

Minecraft Skittles Potions

Hello, today I found this awesome video about how to do 5 Minecraft drinkable potions and the video is made by Mitty.

Minecraft Perler Beads Christmas Ornaments

Hello and Happy Christmas! Today I found this cool video about how to make Minecraft Perler beads Christmas ornaments by iHasCupquake.

Minecraft Wrapping Paper and Party Bags

Hello. Today I found this useful video by CrazyCatCowLady and it is about making DIY Minecraft wrapping paper and party bags.

Minecraft Cake Ornament

Today I have found this amazing video about how to make cool Minecraft Christmas cake ornament by Mitty.

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