Minecraft Creeper Pillow

Hello and Happy Christmas! Today I found this cool video about how to make Minecraft creeper by pillow Miss Taralee.

Minecraft Cake Ornament

Today I have found this amazing video about how to make cool Minecraft Christmas cake ornament by Mitty.

Minecraft Christmas Ornaments

Hello! Today I have this awesome video by iHasCupquake and it shows how to make cute Minecraft Christmas ornaments.

Minecraft Flower Pot

Today I have an amazing video that shows how to make Minecraft a flower pot with a Minecraft flower. The video is created by ZaiLetsPlay.

Minecraft Fish Plaque

Today I have a video about how to make a Minecraft fish plaque, the video is made my iHasCupquake.

Minecraft Pencil Pots

This project is about how to make Minecraft recycled pencil pots. The video and the cool idea is by Red Ted Art.

Minecraft Potion Vials

Today I found this awesome and easy video about how to make Minecraft Potion Vials from iHasCupquake. It was originally designed by LDShadowLady.

Minecraft Small Chest

Today I have to you a video about how to make a super cool small chest by the iHasCupquake channel.

Minecraft Diamond Wooden Sword

Today I found this amazing video of how to make a cool wooden diamond sword. This video is made by iHasCupquake.

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