The Crafter's recipes


Image Name Ratings Difficulty
Minecraft Slime Ice Cream Pops
Minecraft TNT Party Gift
Minecraft Creeper Cake
Minecraft Grass Block Squishy
Minecraft Creeper Pudding
Minecraft Slime Eraser
Minecraft Easter Chicken
Minecraft Spawn Eggs
Minecraft Chest
Minecraft Easter Box
Minecraft Rice Krispies Creeper
Minecraft Melon Cake
Minecraft Glowstone Lamp
Minecraft Cookie
Minecraft Bookmarks
Minecraft Creeper Pizza
Minecraft Bingo
Minecraft Realistic Foam Sword
Minecraft Pop Up Heart Card
Minecraft Valentine’s Day Card
Minecraft TNT Cake
8-Bit Heart Cookies Bouquet
Minecraft Gift Card Holder
Creeper Phone Case
Minecraft Pancake Art Cat
Minecraft Pancake Art Pig
Minecraft Pancake Art Dog
Minecraft Creeper Anatomy
Minecraft Wither Boss
Minecraft Tissue Holder
Minecraft Snow Globe
Minecraft Skittles Potions
Minecraft Slime Pencil Pot
Minecraft Perler Beads Christmas Ornaments
Minecraft Wrapping Paper and Party Bags
Minecraft Diamond Mouse Pad
Minecraft Creeper Pillow
Minecraft Creeper Roll
Minecraft Cake Ornament
Minecraft Christmas Ornaments
Minecraft Snow Golem Cookies
Minecraft Torch
Minecraft DIY Slime
Minecraft Candy Pops
Minecraft Pig Bookmark
Minecraft Creeper Bookmarks
Minecraft Creeps
Minecraft Rice Krispies Cakes
Minecraft Flower Pot
Minecraft Rubik’s Cube
Minecraft Cake
Minecraft Fish Plaque
Minecraft Halloween Cake
Minecraft Cutting Board
Minecraft Cookies
Minecraft Halloween Lamps
Minecraft Pencil Pots
Minecraft Potion Vials
Minecraft Small Chest
Minecraft Cake Earrings
Minecraft Diamond Wooden Sword
Minecraft Ore Lamp

The Crafter's favourited recipes


Image Name Ratings Difficulty

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